1-[Nice Lighting]

Good lighting design has the power to make interiors come alive! Think of lighting as an accessory for your home—it’s the perfect way to express your unique taste. The single most important concept in creating a good lighting plan for the home is to use an array of different lighting types.


Furniture is the heart of living room or any room! Painting the wall a certain color or playing with lighting will not make as much of a difference as would the furniture of the room. A well-executed concept of furniture can result in a timeless piece for your room which never goes out of style. Such as this one from CHITA Living.


You can’t imagine the potential of mirrors as it adds an unimaginable dimension to a room. It can bring light in and make any dead wall alive. Most importantly, it will make the room look bigger & spacious.

4-[Minimalism style]

If you are looking for a calm oasis in a sea of stress when you return home, decorating in the Zen style may be the perfect answer. Zen design is both minimalist and elegant. Everything in the room is meant to calm the spirit and the eye.


Books speak volumes about our personality and nature, and not just about our interest. So, while its convenient to store digital media, we have to really work out the best possible creative ways to show our book collection.


Add the Texture in any form & bring the welcoming warmth & depth in your living space. Whether its adding dose of luxury with the faux fur, irresistible texture on walls, silk cushions, weaved rugs each textured item brings out a character to the decor of your room.

7-[Make it Green]

You don't need a huge terrace, garden or balcony, all you need is a little space right inside your home & heart for beautiful and beneficial plants.

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