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Welcome To Join CHITA’s Affiliate Program

Do you have a website, blog, or social media account? Would you want to earn some money with these channels? We offer an opportunity to monetize them. You'll receive 5% commission on all sales made through your affiliate link. You’ll also be the first to know about new styles, product launches, and other promotions.

CHITA is growing to be one of the top furniture brands in North America. We provide sofas/dining chairs/ottomans/bean bags and other furniture. People enjoy and make deals with us. Now, we invite you to become a CHITA affiliate and grow with us.

How Does It Work?

If you own a website or other medias, and would like to make them profitable, you can apply to become an affiliate partner through our affiliate network. Then, as an affiliate of CHITA, you can choose banners, text ads, coupons and place links on your media platforms. When your visitors click these links to CHITA website and place an order within 30 days, you can receive a 5% commission of the order value. Sometimes, we would also launch special deals and promotions with a higher commission rate to increase your revenue in our program.

How to Join CHITA Affiliate Network:

First of all, it is totally FREE to start! There is no fee for joining our Affiliate Program. You can choose to apply both network if you have more than one website, but please remember you can't get double commission on a sale.

  1. Register as a member of CHITA affiliate on our website: coming soon.
  2. Or, join any of our partner networks below (same commission):

Chita Living Affiliate ShareASale


Recommend your friends to purchase at least one product on our website before the end of 2019/4/30, you will get 100$ rewards in cash per referral(unlimited number of people until it’s out of stock).

Please read and abide by the following terms to start this program.


1)     Product in this program refers to the Loveseat or Sofa in the following page(which means to buy at least one complete product, to buy only Armless is unqualified for rewards):

2)     Send the above purchase link and coupon code to your friend

3)     Your friend will go to our website and register as a member

4)     After your friend place the order, please provide us the email address of your friend’s account

5)     Usually the item will be shipped to your friend within 3~7days. When the parcel is delivered, if it is not a quality problem, we don’t accept a return; If the item has a quality problem, it can be returned, and the order will not be included in the rewards program.

6)     We will reward you 30 days after your friend signs the parcel.

7)     We reserve all the right to explain the terms of the event.

Got A Question?

If you have any further question about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact:

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