About Us

CHITA - Build Your Comfort !

At CHITA, we bring you furnitures with premium quality, easily assembled, in well-designed and modern style at affordable price.

We care about your perfect seating experience, and your perfect moment as well. No matter you prefer to stay alone and enjoy freedom, or stay with the people you love, CHITA always works for your comfort.

Our customers often ask us how we are able to deliver such great prices, well it’s pretty simple: we cut out the middle men and importers who normally command extremely high markups, then we pass these savings to you. We sincerely thank each and every customer for purchasing our products. We take pride in every single structure and material of our products, we know the importance of items that go into your home and life, it can’t just be a furniture, it’s got to be “a fantastic experience and a magic moment of your life”.

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